If you encounter any problems when registering, follow our advice in this section.

How do I register?

Users must be register to purchase on the online shop. To do this, access the “Shop" section of the main menu and click on this link “User access”. On the left side of the web you will see the section "User registration" where you should click on the word here.

After clicking on the above link, fill in all the compulsory fields (marked by an asterisk*) and then click on “send”.

You will receive an email with your registration data. From this point onwards you can access our online shop with your email and password.

*The address to be keyed in when registering is your tax domicile. Do not worry if the delivery address is different because your order summary provides you with the option of including a different delivery address to the address you registered with.


Forgotten your password?

You can obtain a new password if you have lost or forgotten it.

To obtain a new password, go to the "Shop" section of the main menu and click on the link "User access". Under the sections email and password you will see the phrase "Do you forgot your password?".

Click on the text, enter you registered email and end the process by clicking on the "Log in" button. You will automatically receive your news password by email.


How do I amend my data?

You have to access the “Shop” area of the main menu, click on "User access" and enter your e-mail and password. Once inside our online shop, you just have to click, again, on the "Shop" area of the menu and and access the "Update My Data".

Click here and you will access all your personal details. From this new window, you can amend all your data and change your password.



We inform you that in order to effectively change your details, you must send an email to the email address wit your new data so that this change is reflected internally in our computer system.

If you do not complete this process and the transport company informs us that you have changed an address, Beltrán Hermanos SL will not be held respinsible for any increase in delivery charges, which are to be paid by the customer by urgent bank tansfer.



Product selection

You can select our products through 2 different ways:


- From "Products"

If you still don't know our range of products, we recommend you to go to PRODUCTS section in the top menu. To do this, you must click on Products and select the brand of your interest.

You will be directed to the main page of the selected brand, where you will find a brief description of the range, with access to each product and format, with its corresponding description, price, composition and dosage.


- From "Product Showroom"

If you already have a clear idea of what you need, we recommend you to go directly to the menu an select SHOP and Product Showroom. There you can see all the products and brands we offer. If you hace any doubt about a product, you can always click on the product to see more detailed information.

IMPORTANT, in both cases, to see the available formats of each product and its price, you must click on the drop-down.


User acess

Access the "SHOP" and "User Access" section of the top menu of the web and fill the fields with your e-mail and password. Subsequently, you will be redirected to the product showroom.

You can also directly add products to the cart. Once you click in the cart icon (in the upper right part of our web page) and want proceed to step 2 of the purchase process, the system will ask you to identify yourself with you username and password to continue the process.


Purchasing process

Once you have decided the product you want to buy, through the Products or Showcase section, you must click on the drop-down menu and select the format. Just below enter the number of units you want and click on "Buy".

A pop-up window will open and will indicate that your product has been added to the shopping cart. In the upper right part of our web page you will find the cart icon, with the number of products you have bought so far. Repeat this process as many times as products you need. Click on this icon to finish or check your purchase.

Our purchase process only takes 4 simple steps. Clicking on the cart you get to step 1, Product selection, where you can see can modify the number of units of each product. In case that you buy full boxes, you will be advised of the discounts, as well as the units that make up each box.

If at this point you want to continue buying click on “Add More Products” and repeat the same operation explained above. You can also delete products or cancel the order.

If you want to finalize the purchase click on the "Next step" button. The web will send you to step 2, Delivery and transport section. If you want to change your delivery address, click on "Enter another delivery address" and modify the data.

If you wish to leave a comment to the carrier, fill in the field "Observations of the order" and finally "accept the conditions of delivery of the goods". If you want to modify something from the cart, you can always go back to the previous step by clicking on "Go back".

Clicking "Next step" goes to step 3, Payment method. You can make the payment bye bank transfer, credit card or cash on delivery.

The form of payment "cash on delivery" has an extra cost of € 3 that will be added in the total amount of your order. In addition, orders whose total amount (shipping costs included) exceed 100€ will not be processed with this payment method.

Once the payment has been selected, click on "next step" to access step 4, an last of the process, Summary and confirmation of the order. In this section you will see a summary with your products, delivery information, observations and final amount of your purchase. If everything is correct, click on "Confirm and process the order". In case you want to modify something, you can return to the beginning by clicking on "Modify order".

If you have successfully completed the process, a pop-up window confirming the order will appear, and in a few moments you will receive an email in your email account with all the details of the confirmation and your order number.

If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, the bank account is indicated in the email you will receive. If you have selected payment by credit card, do not close your browser and in a few moments you will be redirected to the bank's payment gateway so that the payment can be made successfully.

IMPORTANT: check that your browser does not have pop-ups or pop-ups blocked, as this procedure may be blocked by the payment gateway (for which the bank is already responsible) and payment may not be made. In this case, the entire purchase process should be repeated.


Product units per box

Stain remover 750ml spray containers 6
500 ml jars 12
750 ml containers (glass cleaner) 12
1L containers 12
1kg cans 6
Packaging 1'5L 6
5L containers 4
Cans of 5 kg (undiscounted) 1
10 kg cans (undiscounted) 1
20 L containers 1
20kg bags 1
25L containers (undiscounted)


240gr pills 12


* To be able to apply the extra discount of 5% per full box is essential that the boxes are formed of the same product.


Delivery costs vary according to the weight of your order and your geographical location. The table below shows the update rate for 2020 of the transport agency:

Delivery charges


  Zona 1 Zona 2 Zona 3 Zona 4 Zona 5
Up to 10 Kg. 5,85 € 5,85 € 5.85 € 5,85 € 15,67 €
Up to 20 Kg. 7,55 € 7,55 € 7,55 € 7,55 € 19,85 €
Up to 30 Kg 9,71 € 9,71 € 9,71 € 9,71 € 24,63 €
Up to 50 Kg. 13,31 € 15,17 € 15,17 € 16,74 € 36,65 €
Up to 70 Kg 16,74 € 21,06 € 21,06 € 23,75 € 55,04 €
Up to 100 Kg. 20,95 € 29,11 € 29,13 € 35,59 € 80,32 €
Up to 125 kg 22,06 € 30,38 € 29,94 € 35,64 € 78,13 €
Up to 150 Kg. 25,92 € 34,01 € 36,06 € 41,90 € 79,55 €
Up to 175 kg 29,79 € 40,82 € 42,47 € 47,88 € 80,97 €
Up to 200 Kg. 33,74 € 44,89 € 44,51 € 54,24 € 82,43 €


Zone 1
Alicante, Barcelona, Castellón, Murcia, Tarragona, Valencia, Zaragoza

Zone 2
Albacete, Álava, Ávila, Burgos, Cantabria, Córdoba, Ciudad Real, Girona, Granada, Guadalajara, Guipuzcoa, Huesca, Jaén, La Rioja, Lleida, Madrid, Málaga, Navarra, Sevilla, Soria, Teruel, Toledo, Valladolid, Vizcaya

Zone 3
Asturias, Coruña, León, Lugo, Ourense, Palencia, Pontevedra, Salamanca, Segovia, Zamora

Zone 4
Almería, Badajoz, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cuenca, Huelva

Zone 5
The Balearics

Delivery times

Your packet will be delivered directly to your home (or the delivery address you specify) by a transport company within 4-7 days. Delivery charges are not included in the product prices, but will be automatically calculated when you place your order depending on its weight (in kilos) and your geographical location.

The orders will be delivered within the work schedule of the transportation agency that begins at 8:00 am and end at 18:30 pm (except for specific delays). Therefore, if you will not be at your home during these hours, you must enter a different delivery address or you can pick it up from the local transport office.

Delivery address

If you wish to receive your order at a different delivery address to the billing address or your usual address for personal reasons, you wish to make a gift or you are away, during the purchasing process you must select the tab "Key In Another Delivery Address ".

In this section, you have to fill in your personal details again, or the details of the person you wish to send the order to, and you must key in the new delivery address here.

Once your order has left the factory, any change made to the delivery address that was not made during the purchasing process will entail a surcharge, which will have to be paid by bank transfer before the order is delivered.




There are three payment methods available, which this section informs you about.

- Bank Transfer

- Credit Card

- Cash On Delivery for orders under €100


Bank Transfer

If you have chosen this payment method, carefully check your order summary in the email you receive as it contains the bank account number where you must send the bank transfer.

Bank account number (Bank: TRIODOS BANK): ES48 1491 0001 20 2041201621

For us to deliver your order, bear in mind that you must send us proof of payment by email to This must specify the name which the order was placed in and the order reference number. Your order reference number appears in your order summary that will reach you by email. All reference numbers begin with WEB, followed by a number.

As soon as we notice the bank transfer to pay for your order has reached us, we will deal with your order and it will be delivered by a transport company.



Credit Card

NB: Bear in mind that you will not be able to add to or amend your order if you choose this payment method.

If you have chosen the Credit Card payment method, be careful that your browser (Explorer or Firefox) has activated the block pop-ups option as this could lead to mistakes in payments made.

If this happens, you can try placing your order on another computer, or better still, deactivate this blocking option for our website to complete your order, and it will not happen again in the future.

As one of the screens indicates before making a payment, some banks request a password, a code or an extra password, or they simply need to issue new windows or pop-ups, and sometimes computers can take these to be advertising and can block them automatically. This means you might not be able to make the payment. Normally your explorer will inform you that it blocks pop-ups and will ask you if you allow it to show them. In this case, you can confirm that it can show them. In Firefox a bar appears at the top of the screen, while it appears at the bottom of the screen in Explorer. The attached images provide an example. If you prefer, you may deactivate this option before restarting the purchasing process by following these indications:

FIREFOX:  Tools/ Options/ “Content” tab: “Block pop-ups”. If you do not wish to deactivate this option completely (to avoid receiving windows from other websites with ads), it is best to add an “Exception” that our website allows so that the pop-ups that banks need to complete the process appear. Access and indicate our website address ( and then click on “Permit”

EXPLORER: Tools/ Internet Options/ “Privacy” tab: “Activate blocking pop-ups”. In “Configuration”, you may also add the exception of our website as a “Permitted Site”. By following these steps, your computer should now recognise our website, and there should be no danger with this website and you will not be asked about this matter again.




Transport incidences

No matter what transport company comes, please CHECK THE MERCHANDISE BEFORE SIGNING THE DELIVERY NOTE, and from all box angles to confirm that all packaging seems to be in good condition.

If everything looks fine, please sign the delivery note. If the box looks smashed, damp, dented, etc., you have two options:

1- Open the box with the driver watching and check that the merchandise has been damaged. If it is not fit, reject it, take a photograph and ask the transport agency to return it.

2- If you notice a dent, but cannot check the damage with the driver watching, accept the merchandise, but make a note on the delivery note that the delivery is "PENDING TO BE CHECKED". This will allow you 12 h to check the material that may be damaged and to let us know about this incidence by email. Please attach a photograph and a brief description of the incidence and affected products (quantity and lot).

We will pass on the incidence information to the transport company to replace the order free of charge. We have to inform the agency in less than 24 h (which is why we ask you to send us an email in 12 h). You should have noted “PENDING TO BE CHECKED” on the delivery note, otherwise the transport company could inform us that "the customer correctly accepted the merchandise in the state it arrived, and the transport agency is not responsible for any damage that may have occurred after delivering the order".

If in doubt, or you are unable to check the order with the driver watching, please note on the delivery note PENDING TO BE CHECKED. If you notice anything unusual, please inform us afterwards, but on the day you received the order so we do not miss the claim date.

Otherwise, or if the claim date has passed, we will be unable to proceed with or guarantee any claims as the product that left our premises was in good condition and it was a transport incidence. These are general (and understandable) conditions of transport companies.


Returning a wrong order

If when you open the box you find some mistake with the products, please take a photograph of the products inside the box, and then a photograph of each wrong product.

Please contact us within 24 hours by email at to send us the photographs. This will help us deal with your claim more quickly.


Incidences in delivery addresses

If you notice that the delivery address your order was sent to is not the one you thought, bear in mind the following:

1- If it is an administrative mistake, we will speak with the transport company and will send your order to the address you indicate.

2- If, however, you indicate a delivery address but now, for personal reasons, you decide to change it, please note that this change of address will entail a minimum surcharge of 5 euros, which you must pay by bank transfer in advance. Once we have received the surcharge by bank transfer, we will speak with the transport company to inform it to send your order to the new address.

If in doubt, please contact us by telephone or by email at


Differences in the Beltrán - Beltrán Vital – bioBel lines

Do you know what are the differences between our products?

All our products for washing clothes are formulated by conventional soap-making processes and are, therefore, more natural and healthy products than traditional detergents.

The Beltrán product range is the oldest. From a traditional bar of soap, the different products of this product line have been adapted to be used in washing machines. Some of their formulae also need chemical ingredients so they can be effectively used in washing machines. Nonetheless, the chemical content in them is always kept to a minimum, and the main active matter is always natural soap, so adding fabric conditioner to washing is not necessary. 

Beltrán Vital maintains the Beltrán formulae, but has eliminated perfume from the whole line all so they can be used by people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity. This new range has been developed at the affected people’s request, and has been extended with a liquid detergent with soap (with greater cleaning power, but keeps clothes soft) and by washing up liquid, which can also be used as a multipurpose cleaner. The minimum possible quantity of chemical is used in all our formulae, except that considered essential for our products to wash efficiently.

bioBel is the newest range and has three main differences to the previous ranges. Almost all these products contain natural perfumes, and include different varieties of essential oils that enrich our formulae. They are still based on soap-making, but the chemical ingredients that these products need in order to be used in washing machines are exclusively of plant origin; the so-called "green chemistry", which is more sustainable and biodegradable, but still offers efficient washing properties. Consequently, all the products in this range have been Ecocert-certified to guarantee they are green products, and have undergone strict controls and auditing.

Differences in ecological certificates

In the ecological soaps and detergents sector, there are also differences in the degree of ecology and origin of ingredients. Ecocert stands out for its strict standards and demands when it comes to certifying a product. Next we offer a comparison with another well-known certificate that is widely used in this sector. 

25L Bottles

How to fit the faucet to 25L bottles?


The following video explains all the necessary utensils and stepts to place it.

Watch the vídeo here






Our formulae do NOT contain...

This is a list of the ingredients that users normally ask if we include them in our formulae, and we can confirm THAT WE DO NOT:

Kathon cg (nor any of its derivatives like Methylisothiazolinone). Nor do they contain nickel, cobalt or copper.

If you need to be sure about any other ingredient, please ask us.

Suitable products for sensitive skins and dermatitis


Our clothes are in contact with our skin for many hours. To wash them it is important to use a product that leaves as little residue as possible on our clothes, and is as least aggressive as possible. So all our products are generally based on natural soap and are suitable for sensitive skin compared to conventional detergents.

Among our soaps, we stress those essentially made with plant oils, and not with animal fat, specifically coconut oil. These soaps wash extremely well, keep skin and tissue healthy by avoiding irritations and stinging, and are generally recommended by dermatologists. Choosing a product with no perfume or with natural perfume, or a hypoallergenic product, is recommended.


If you are not on a given skin treatment, using a bar of natural soap to clean skin is more advisable than gel or liquid hand soap as these are merely detergents adapted for used on general body parts and contain more chemical ingredients. A bar of soap cleans, restores and produces a lot of lather. We have soaps with different ingredients that are indicated for all skin types.

Products apt for vegans

None of our soaps, except our Beltrán Marseille powder soap, contains ingredients of animal origin. None of our products, including the powder one, has been tested on animals. 

Products apt for people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity

The Beltrán Vital products range contains no perfume of any kind and is used by people affected by multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Indeed our liquid soap detergent and our washing up (multipurpose) liquid are our most demanded products, offer the best results, and are recommended by AVASFASEM, the Valencian Association of People Affected by MCS. Our coconut soap products, such as bars of soap or as liquid soap for delicate clothes, also work well. However in those people with a particular degree of sensitivity, only the smell of coconut oil can be troublesome. We have encountered very few cases (or else we would have removed these references from this range), but we believe it is important to mention them.

The bioBel range contains essential oils, and although they are natural perfumes, they are not generally tolerated by people with MCS given their strong aroma, and they can contain allergens on occasion (typical ingredients of perfumes and essential oils).

Do our soaps contain soda?

Soaps are made by means of well-known chemical reactions, known as saponification of oils and fats. Plant oils, like coconut or olive oil, and animal fats, like tallow, are glycerine esters with fatty acids. This is why they saponify if treated with a strong base like soda or potash; that is, they produce the fatty acid salt known as soap and they release glycerine. Soda-based saponification produces sodium soaps, which are solid and widely employed at home. If done with potash, potassium soaps are obtained, which are softer.

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